PRESCIENTECHO is noopur singha, a dancer working on the US East coast, teaching, performing and creating. Her specialty is in Balinese and Manipuri dance. Some of her contemporary “earnest-absurdist” dance works can be seen at vimeo.com/presentecho

Manipur is a Northeastern state in India lying on the border of Burma/Myanmar. Meitei Jagoi or Manipuri Dance is one of the classical dance forms of India. Noopur studied with her parents Nartan Acharya Sri Guru Nabaghana Shyam Singha and Christel Stevens. In Imphal, Manipur she studied with Oja Thambal Tombi Devi as a child, and most recently at the Academy of the late Padma Shri Guru Th. Babu Singh, the retired Pradhan Guru of the Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy. There, she was under strict guidance from his son Th. Chourjeet Singh and his wife Bimola Devi and worked closely with Manipuri Jagoi Marup. She specializes in the tandav, or male form, of classical Meitei Jagoi. She has taught and lectured at Lotus Music and Dance in New York City and often is seen performing with the Indian Dance Educators Association (IDEA), Surati Inc, and Nritya Rangam.

Bali is a predominantly Hindu island in the Indonesian archipelago. Balinese dance is one of the classical dance forms of Indonesia. In 2005 and again in 2009, she trained daily with noted coach, and ISI Professor, I GA. Ayu Agung Oka Partini. Noopur often performs and teaches Balinese dance with Santi Budaya in DC as well as participating in weekly rehearsals and performances with Gamelan Dharma Swara in New York City. She toured to Bali with Dharma Swara for the 2010 Bali Arts Festival. Dharma Swara was the first non-Balinese orchestra to participate in the prestigious statewide kebyar competition. She was one of four “Kebyar Legong” dancers included in the tour which culminated in performing in front of a ten thousand member audience on the Ardha Chandra stage of Bali’s Art Center. After that she stayed in Bali studying again with Agung Oka Partini, as well as noted teachers and dancers I Gst. Ag. Susilawati, Made Keranca, Made “Cat” Suteja, and Dewa Ayu Eka Putri. In 2013, she again toured to Bali with Vancouver’s Gamelan Gita Asmara, performing Legong Kuntul and Kebyar Wiranjaya at such prestigious venues as ISI, Denpasar and Saraswati Palace in Ubud. At that time she stayed on to begin her study of Balinese Topeng, or masked dances, and Kekawinan, or classical singing with Arja Master Artist Ni Nyoman Candri. After continuing her study with Cok Pring and Made “Cat” Suteja during Gamelan Dharma Swara’s 2014 Summer Arts Intensive, she again returned to Bali to complete her studies of Topeng Keras, Topeng Dalem, Jauk Manis and to begin a study of traditional Gambuh dance theater.

Noopur has taught and lectured with the Connecticut Ballet in Stamford, Lotus Music and Dance in NYC, and City Dance Center in DC. She holds a BFA, cum laude from Purchase College and is a two time Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Awardee for Solo Dance Performance.

She has worked with choreographers such as Dai Jian, Shizumi Manale, Sidra BellFaye Driscoll, Anna SperberTeri and Oliver Steele, and Nelly Van Bommel, Charlotte Gibbons, Ray Roy. Her work has received funding from the Ear to the Ground Commissioning Series at Mulberry Street Theater, NYC,  and the Maryland Choreographer’s Showcase. Her work has also been presented by AuntsCatchDixon PlaceMovement Research, the Progressive Arts Network, World Dance Alliance, Dansfolk, and Wham City.

In 2012 she produced Rasa Bali, a full evening of Balinese dance and music at Lotus Music and Dance featuring Shoko Yamamuro, Gusti Komin and Nicole Reisnour. Again this past spring of 2015, she produced part of a shared evening in the educational series, World in the City: A Comparison of Two Indonesian Dance Styles with Noopur Singha and Amalia Suryani; where she presented Palawakya, Shoko Yamamuro’s Tari Taruna Jaya, and the duet, Baris Kembar, with live Gamelan accompaniment directed by Pete Steele.

She currently teaches dance with Gamelan Dharma Swara, as well as performing with Gamelan Yowana Sari and Gamelan Padma Kencana.